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Miniature-Schnauzer Kisses Fix Everything Pillowcase

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If you are looking for a high-quality, long-lasting pillow case cover, look no further than our products. Nothing beats crawling into your bed after a long day and snuggling up with a down comforter and several perfectly-plumped pillows, but let's take that experience to a whole new level with our incredibly soft pillowcase covers. More impressively, it never wrinkles, and always stays cool to the touch.
Printed on both sides.
Cool, smooth and crisp feel.
Made of grade PP stretch cotton and polyester natural material
Size: 18 x 18 inches / 45 cm x 45 cm (Since the manual measurement there may be 1-2 cm error)
Hidden zipper design, Safe to machine wash. Pillow inserts are not included.
Not the ball, do not fade, safety and environmental protection.
1 * Pillow Case-not lnclude pillow
1. Due to manual measurement, the product will have 1-5cm error.
2. Due to different shooting conditions, the product will have slight color difference.
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    Always begin with a good manicure to prolong the wear of your nail wraps. Make sure to file your nails to your desired length and push back the cuticles. This will ensure that your nail wrap will stick properly. Remove any excess oil or debris by using an alcohol swab or nail polish remover.

    STEP 1:
    Choose the nail wrap that best fits your desired nail. Tip: It is better to choose smaller than too wide. Remove the plastic shield and carefully peel off the nail wrap.

    STEP 2:
    Carefully place the sticky side onto your nail paying close attention to place it just in front of the cuticle. Do not fully press the wrap to the nail until you are completely satisfied with the positioning.

    STEP 3:
    Sitting pretty? Perfect! Now you can gently press the nail wrap to your nail. Tip: It is best to press from the middle outwards to avoid air bubbles.

    STEP 4:
    Trim away the excess nail wrap and fold the remaining over the nail tip. (Tip for shorter nails: use the excess nail wrap for another nail.)

    STEP 5:
    File away the excess nail wrap using a downward motion. (Important: never file in a back and forth direction as this may cause the nail wrap to tear.)

    STEP 6:
    Great, you did it! There is no need to apply a top coat to Colour Flash Nail Wraps as it is already integrated to save you drying time.

    STEP 7:
    Place the remaining nail wraps back in the foil package, close it, and place it in the refrigerator for future use.

    STEP 8:
    Before reusing the nail wraps from the refrigerator, allow the the nail wraps to acclimate to room temperature.

    Removal is simple. The nail wrap removal is just like removing nail polish. Choose your favorite nail polish remover and remove accordingly.

    How do you apply the nail wraps?
    You can find out how to apply Colour Flash Nail Wraps on our video-tutorial.

    How do I remove nail wraps?
    You can remove the nails wraps by using nail polish remover (acetone or acetone-free) with a cotton pad. Alternatively you can use a hair dryer to warm the nail wraps and gently peel away.

    Are Colour Flash Nail Wraps waterproof?
    Yes. Colour Flash Nail Wraps are waterproof.

    Why are my nail wraps not sticking to my nail?
    One of the main reasons that nail wraps do not stick, is because of poor manicure preparation. It is important to clean and push back the cuticles and make sure your nails are free from dirt, grime, and oil by cleaning your nails properly with an alcohol pad or nail polish remover before you begin the application process.

    What do I do with my left over Colour Flash Nail Wraps?
    After you’ve finished applying your Colour Flash Nail Wraps, lay the plastic film over the nail wraps and place them back in their foil packaging. Close the package and place in the refrigerator to prolong the longevity of your nail wraps. Before applying the nail wraps, make sure to acclimate them to room temperature before reusing.

    Can I wear Colour Flash Nail Wraps on my toes?
    Yes, of course you can. The application process is exactly the same as your fingernails.

    Do I need to apply a top coat?
    No. A top coat is already integrated into our designs, however if you would like to use one we suggest a water-based top coat.

    Can I use a base coat?
    Of course. Before you apply Colour Flash Nail Wraps, allow the base coat to fully dry so that the nail wrap can properly adhere.

    Are there extra shipping fees?
    Not at all! With Colour Flash, it is free shipping world wide!

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